Welcome to the Phantom Library!

A tall, heavy wooden door materializes in front of you. Gentle mist seeps through the cracks in the doorframe, bringing with them a scent of ancient paper. As you reach for the intricate brass doorknob, the door begins to swing open of its own accord. You can see through the widening doorway impossibly tall shelves crammed full of books, the room stretching out past perception. Will you cross the threshold into... the Phantom Library?

This is my website primarily for book and manga reviews and recommendations, but I also plan on posting about my various other interests. Each interest will have its own zone, so if you don't give a shit about dolls or video games or whatever else I post, you don't have to see it. You'll only hurt my feelings a *little* :p.

Take a trip around the Phantom Library, and try not to get lost in the shelves!